Guest policies…

One of the advantages of being a little lodge is that we can accommodate the needs of our guests.

We can ask you, “What kind of a place might you like this to be while you’re here?”

Most of our guests just want a place to call home while they enjoy this beautiful area and the opportunities provided to visitors.  The text on our home page is mined! — with links to sites which can help you become familiar with what is available in the area.

Too, we have guests who are involved in year-round sports.  They tell us about what the area has to offer, since there’s more here than anyone has ever had the time to do.

Yet another group wants a place of peace and quiet.  On the sunny days which tend to predominate here, the place warms up quickly in the morning.  It’s hard to beat — sitting here reading or writing, keeping an eye on the beautiful vistas varying from window to window.

Being a small lodge, we’re sensitive to the personalities of our guests and what they’re interested in doing while they’re here.  We’re in a position to be the kind of place you might seek.

Let us know what you’re looking for!